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Wow... what to say about us? I often think about all the things I could say about us, but I always feel it's more important to find out all about you! But, since you came to this part of the site looking for a little bit of inside information about us, I can tell you this...

We've been married for over 14 years, together for 20. We got married on our 6 year anniversary of the day we met at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California. We had our first little girl 14 years ago and welcomed another little beauty in 2007. They are the reason we are who we are, as parents, as partners in life, and as photographers. Every moment is fleeting and is gone in the blink of an eye. We truly enjoy sharing in the lives of our clients and capturing the special events and times in their lives.

I've been a photographer for 14 years, and John joined me in 2006 shooting part time and helping out with weddings. I dragged him to a wedding and he loved it so much, that he kept coming back with me for more! It was the beginning of a journey that we are blessed to travel and share with others.

Our business started as "Cristy Nielsen Photography", but since John came aboard it has blossomed into so much for than what I can take credit for alone. So then came the inception of "The Nielsens" Photography & Design. This past year he has joined our business full time and we couldn't be more thrilled!.

Some random facts...
~ We LOVE Dave Matthews Band and will drive far and wide to attend his shows.
~ We, well more like I... LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink... she epitomizes individuality and guts in my book!
~ We LOVE chocolate... doesn't really matter what kind, dark or light, hot or cold.
~ We are true hippies at heart, although we've lately been called yuppies, so our take is we are "huppies". Strange yes, but it makes sense!
~ We often take time to step outside and just enjoy the sunset. The simple things in life are always the best!
~ We moved to Florida 6 years ago from Northern California. We have loved Florida but really do miss our Cali friends!
~ We are both facebook nerds, so be sure to find us on there!
~ We love the emotion and connection at weddings, and often you will find both of us turning into mushy balls of tears.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and getting a glimpse of our work and what we do! We'd be honored to speak with you about your wedding day!

:) Cristy & John

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